Fordham University Press
Paperback, April 2014, 312 Pages, ISBN: 9780823257348

Subject Range: religion/Bible and politics; religion/Bible and violence; religion/Bible and sexuality; religion/Bible and critical theory; religion/Bible and popular culture; Bible and reception history; religion and political philosophy.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Babylon and the Crisis of Sovereignty
1. From Babel to Biopolitics: Josephus, Theodemocracy, and the Regulation of Pleasure
2. Bellicose Dreams: Babylon and Exception to Law
3. Tolerating Babel: Biopolitics, Film, and Family
4. Revenge on Babylon: Literalist Allegory, Scripture, Torture
5. Who Lives in Babylon? The Gay Antichrist as Political Enemy
6. Babelian Scripture: A Queerly Sublime Ethics of Reading
Postlude: Roads to Babel

Works Cited

Cover art: Babel, Tribute to Bruegel (2012), Sculpture by Akelo–Andrea Cagnetti,                –iron treated with oxides
Copyright Akelo-Andrea Cagnetti


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